6 Months Free Hosting with .COM and .NET Domains – Now Live!

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Dear Reseller,

You can now start offering Free 6 Months Hosting with every .COM and .NET
Domain Name! This promo will be available to you till the 31st
of December, 2011

Promo Details:


To begin offering Free 6 Month Hosting Packages, you will have to opt-in for
this promo as follows:

  • Login to your
    SuperSite Admin Area
  • Go to Settings >>
    Linux Hosting Plans
  • Tick the Checkbox ‘Offer
    Free 6 Months Hosting Package with every .COM and .NET Domain Name’
  • Choose the Linux Hosting Plan to be
    bundled Free
    (In case you have not created
    any Linux Hosting Plans, the Unlimited Plan can be selected

Please Note: 
The Free 6 Month Hosting promo is not
 for any orders
made through the Bulk
Registration Tool


We have added and modified certain files of the SuperSite to incorporate
this launch. These pages are now available in the SuperSite Admin Area and
you can make modifications to them. The files & their paths can be found

Modified Files:

  1. Index.html: Dashboard
    » Manage Site » Edit/Translate Content Pages » Homepage » Index.html
  2. Check_availibility.html:
    Dashboard » Manage Site » Edit/Translate Content Pages » Products »
    Domain » Domain_registration » Check_availibilty »

New Files Added:

  1. Free_hosting.html: Dashboard
    » Manage Site » Edit/Translate Content Pages » Products » Domain »
    Domain_registration » Check_availibilty » Includes » Free_hosting.html
  2. Free_hosting.html: Dashboard
    » Manage Site » Edit/Translate Content Pages » Homepage » Includes »

Please Note:

  • If no modifications
    have been made to the above mentioned pages, our changes will
    automatically reflect on your SuperSite
  • However, if you
    have made any modifications to the above pages, you will need to
    manually update these pages and incorporate our changes

We hope you take complete advantage of this promo and do feel free to get in
touch with your Account Manager in case of any queries, concerns or

Happy Independence Day

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IT And Marketing: How Digital Media’s Changing The Relationship

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Modern marketers don’t make emotional decisions in the kinds of boozy, smoke-filled rooms seen on Mad Men. They want some statistical assurances before they spend one red cent, for which they’re relying on technology tools and expertise.

Here’s the latest formula: Add social, mobile, Web, and email to conventional marketing channels, including print and broadcast advertising, billboards, telemarketing, and direct-mail campaigns. Target and test desired segments, like most-profitable customers. Measure results across all channels. Spend accordingly.

That’s a gross simplification, and the basic approach isn’t new. Marketers have been targeting, testing, and measuring direct mail and telemarketing for decades, and online advertising and email campaigns for a dozen years.

But there are new channels. Social networks, for example, have introduced direct customer interaction, and they’re making it easier to measure broadcast campaigns. Agencies and advertisers, for example, now routinely monitor YouTube and Hulu activity to see which ads are most popular and which moments within those ads are being replayed. They also monitor Facebook and Twitter to get a sense of positive and negative sentiments. And the latest smartphones add the dimension of location awareness to Web and email advertising.

The thing that has changed most in recent years is that marketers want a more comprehensive, cross-channel examination of campaign results, and they expect more detailed analyses. It’s now all about the data, so there are good employment prospects for IT pros who know how to manage and analyze that data. Some of the biggest IT vendors see this opportunity, and are snapping up marketing software specialists.

The bad news is that marketers are still frustrated by gaps in measurability across channels. And while they’re trying to fill those gaps by buying software to manage and analyze advertising efforts, marketing execs don’t necessarily trust their own IT departments to implement it.

It’s high time for IT pros to be working more closely with their marketing colleagues to understand marketing’s needs and goals. If IT can’t deliver the requisite data management and analytic modeling, the work will end up moving to the marketing team or to a third-party service provider.


By Doug Henschen InformationWeek

BizSol Cloud Computing from Afxisi

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Launching soon BizSol, yet another own product and service from Afxisi.


Afxisi VoIP now Porting International Phone Numbers

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Transferring  your existing international phone number?

1. Please place an order for a number from the same country you wish to port an existing number. Once you receive our response email stating that your international number order is provisioned and account is open, please forward this email to internationalport@afxisi.com or create a ticket at http://afxisi.com/support stating the specific number you wish to port.

2. You will receive a reply from our International Local Number Porting Department, verifying that the number is portable and will be provided with the specific documents required by the porting country to port your international number to Afxisi VoIP.

3. Note that international porting may take 30 days to complete, after all documentation has been verified and accepted by the country involved.

list of countries that can port numbers to Afxisi VoIP

Australia, Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Dominican Republic, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Israel, Latvia, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Slovenia, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland & United Kingdom.

Social Media Production Manager in Madurai & Chennai

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Our company is mostly made up of young, talented, and no BS types of people who love the internet, social media, marketing, design and results. If you thrive in a fast paced, deadline-driven and challenging environment, this position MAY be for you.

This positions responsibility is largely centered on idea generation, art direction, editing, delegating and communicating.

You must be proficient or have strong understanding of the following:

Spelling and Grammar
Mathematics and Arithmetic
Visual Conceptualization
Fundamentals of the Internet
Marketing Tactics (online marketing a plus)
Project Management

More importantly, you must possess the following personality traits with all being mandatory:

Hard working
Consider yourself as highly intellectual
Eager to learn and perform
Team oriented
Self Starter

EEO Statement

At our company, we take great pride in our diverse and talented workforce.
We recognize that our continued success as a company depends largely on the
collective strengths of our employees. We recruit, hire, train and promote
persons in all job titles and ensure that all other personnel actions are
administered without regard to an employee’s race, color, religion, national
origin, gender, age, sexual identity, veteran status or disability. Privacy is a
very serious matter for Afxisi Technology Services (P) Ltd & Afxisi USA LLC; all
information submitted is kept internally and is never shared with third parties.

Apply by

Disabling Port 25

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As part of our efforts to minimize mail deferrals, we will be deploying a popular and simple technique to combat outbound SPAM i.e disabling Port 25 for MUAs (such as outlook, thunderbird etc). Port 25 will be disabled in the third week of January and we will send you the final date soon.

Port 587 has already been enabled as a replacement.

To change the SMTP Port you need to enable Port 587 in the following way:

  • Outlook: Tools >> Account Settings >> Email >> Change >> More Settings >> Advanced >> Outgoing server (SMTP)
  • Thunderbird: Tools >> Account Settings >> Outgoing server (SMTP) >> Edit >> Port

Coupled with SPF and DKIM that we launched earlier, disabling Port 25 will help ensure a more stable and seamless email experience.

Note: This change is not for Google Apps Customers

Afxisi wishes you Merry Christmas and a truly fulfilling 2011

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Afxisi in Mumbai, India

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Afxisi started marketing in Mumbai in day 2 we got our first client.

Afxisi in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. India.

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Today Afxisi started marketing in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. India.

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