Why The Search Engine Still Matter….

ShareThe web dazzles us with it’s “what’s new today” constant evolving. In fact, many complain that there’s no consistency in terms of what DOES WORK. One thing that will always work (in different forms) will be the search engines. Your clients clamor for eyeballs night and day and light the fires for them to be [...]

Keyword Research – How to Choose Effective SEO Keywords

ShareYou’re stumped! You just created the BEST content to add to your blog but you are now stuck. What are the MOST effective SEO keywords to use on your site? Where do you start? What tools do you use? Keyword research is THE most important part of effective SEO. If you pick the wrong keywords, [...]

Tracking Events with Google Analytics

ShareGoogle Analytics ( http://www.google.com/analytics/ ) allows webmasters/developers to easily track actions visitors take on websites. It’s easy to customize Google Analytics to track a wide variety of events for your site. You just need to modify your code to match your website’s specific needs/functions. Google Analytics event tracking guide ( http://code.google.com/apis/analytics/docs/tracking/eventTrackerGuide.html ) will walk you [...]

Web 2.0 Online Marketing

ShareMost business processes and competencies have not changed much in hundreds of years. Take accounting for example. Other than the introduction of computers and software, which was huge, and various changes in regulations, accounting is performed just as it was 500 years ago. And, for the most part, the same was true for marketing. That [...]

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