Disabling Port 25

ShareAs part of our efforts to minimize mail deferrals, we will be deploying a popular and simple technique to combat outbound SPAM i.e disabling Port 25 for MUAs (such as outlook, thunderbird etc). Port 25 will be disabled in the third week of January and we will send you the final date soon. Port 587 [...]

How to Select an ERP System When You’re Dead

ShareWhen Nietzsche declared in 1882 that “God is dead,” I’ll bet he had no idea that ERP system vendors were already queuing up to fill the gap. He just wasn’t the practical, forward-thinking kind, that was his problem (Nietzsche, I mean, not God). Now, in heaven, they take the long view. So when they started [...]

The History Of the Internet

ShareIf you’re reading this article, it’s likely that you spend a fair amount of time online. However, considering how much of an influence the Internet has in our daily lives, how many of us actually know the story of how it got its start? Here’s a brief history of the Internet, including important dates, people, [...]

Warning: .TV domains are sinking

Share People trying to register .tv domain names are being warned that the island of Tuvalu, which the domain represents, is sinking. Domain registrar GoDaddy is even claiming that, because the Pacific Ocean island could go the way of Atlantis, users should opt for .com or .net domains instead. As a result of global warming [...]

Catching Up With The ICA & Important ICANN Issues They Are Working On To Protect Your Domains

ShareOn a quite Sunday, you should spent a few minutes and check 2 posts this week by the Internet Commerence Association (ICA). As a frequent reader to this blog, you should know due to the roll out of the new gTLD’s there is a ton of activity going on with ICANN and many parties are [...]

Satellite Internet Without Television

ShareSome consumers simply have very little interest in television. Subscription TV packages aren’t appealing to these individuals and, no matter how many channels are offered, none of them are enticing. Unfortunately, many of these consumers don’t realize that satellite dishes provide much more than entertainment these days and that buying a television subscription is not [...]

Income Generating Domain Name Parking

ShareInitially, people who are not too familiar with domain names would ask, what is domain name parking? Domain parking simply refers to generating profit thru placement of advertisements on an auto-created web site. There are many considerable ways to make money on parking your domain. You can definitely generate income from a quality domain name. [...]

Should I Sell My Domain Name?

ShareThe answer is easy for me: No. Would eBay sell its domain names? Would SmallDeadAnimals sell theirs? Would you sell your name? No. I got an email today, appropriately sorted into the Junk Mail folder, offering to buy my domain name IF I got it appraised. Well, it costs $23US to get a value for [...]

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